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Strengthening Rehousing Programs in California Tribal Communities

Since January 2022, Change Well team has been actively supporting California tribal communities in meeting the urgent needs of community members experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity.

Across California, there are more than 150 diverse Indigenous nations—including 110 federally recognized tribes and more than 40 other tribal groups—that each face unique challenges in developing and implementing housing programs to meet their community needs.

To support the critical work of Indigenous leaders, since January 2022, Change Well Project has provided intensive technical assistance to 23 California tribal communities through a partnership with the California Department of Social Services Housing & Homelessness Division (CDSS HHD). The Change Well team has supported tribal nations in applying for tribal funding set asides in CDSS HHD programs—and has continued to provide technical assistance focused on operationalizing high-impact, culturally relevant housing programs.  

“I get really excited when I talk

about Change Well, because this relationship has been so positive,

and they’ve been so supportive.”  

Ida Riggins, Vice Chairwoman of the Pit River Tribe

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Resources for CDSS Tribal Grantees


If you are part of a tribal community’s efforts to implement housing programs and are interested in working with the Change Well Project, please reach out! Simply click on the link below, fill out the form, and a member of our team will connect with you as soon as possible

The Change Well Digital Learning Platform is an innovative educational space offering courses and trainings tailored specifically to support social service staff—providing the latest knowledge, skills, and tools to strengthen community programs and systems.


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