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The Disability Benefits Advocacy Cohort training has now moved to Change Well Project’s Digital Learning Platform. We have preserved all the critical content & learning and moved it into self-paced modules learners can access on-demand via the Digital Learning Platform. This self-paced learning is enhanced by live sessions with program instructors where we will dig more into applying skills and knowledge together.  

This intensive, participatory training teaches HDAP Benefits Advocates the skills and knowledge needed to complete SSDI, SSI, and CAPI applications for HDAP participants. You will learn best practices for working with clients on disability and age-based applications. The training is led by attorneys from Change Well Project who are specialists in Social Security and CAPI. Whether you are brand new

to benefits advocacy or already have experience, you will gain knowledge and skills to make you more effective in your work. For SOAR-certified Benefits Advocates, this training will build on and complement SOAR training.  

Registration is free and available to all HDAP Benefits Advocates working with a county HDAP program, a tribal HDAP program, or with a community-based organization that is an HDAP grantee.

Eligible Participants

  • May be county HDAP staff, tribal HDAP program staff, or staff at HDAP-contracted community-based organizations who work on disability benefits applications.   

  • May be new to the Benefits Advocate role or an experienced Benefits Advocate seeking to add skills and knowledge to your Benefits Advocate toolbox.  

  • May be SOAR certified, but this is not a prerequisite.  

  • Must commit to completing the self-paced learning instruction on the digital learning platform (on your own schedule) as well as attending all six scheduled Putting Knowledge into Practice live trainings as they are designed to build on each other in a series.  

  • Participants who complete the entire training course will receive a certificate of completion. 

  • Registration is limited to 150 participants.  

Learning Journey

  • Each of the six modules of this series addresses an area essential to your work as a Benefits Advocate. Each module is broken into multiple courses so that you can easily pace completing the online trainings as your schedule allows.

  • We estimate that you will need approximately 1-2 hours per week to complete the self-paced learning. Live Putting Knowledge into Practice sessions will occur every two weeks.  

Schedule & Registration

This cohort training will start in late

May and end in August.

Attending the onboarding for

the training is required.  


May 21, 2024

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM 

For questions about the Change Well Program

Digital Learning Platform and the Program Leaders Disability Benefits Advocacy cohort, please email

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