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Change Well Project provides comprehensive technical assistance, capacity building, and training to support counties, tribal communities, and non-profit organizations; we focus on helping these entities build community housing and income support programs, nurture a workforce that can respond to emerging challenges, and advance systems integration efforts to strengthen their ecosystem of housing, income advocacy and social service programming.

We work with leaders who are launching and building the infrastructure for new programs, as well as with those who need to reimagine, redesign, and scale up the services provided by an existing program.


We provide technical assistance in several ways to meet the needs of local communities and organizations.

  • One on one technical assistance with leaders and/or staff (in person or virtual).

  • Blended (Live and Self-Paced) trainings offered through the Change Well Project Digital Learning platform and via zoom.


We work in partnership with an incredible network of experts across the nation to deliver high quality services to community-based organizations and local and state government entities.

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Pillars of our Work

We drive co-design of social services systems that promote collaboration, transparency, and equity.

We partner with social service administrators and providers to strengthen service delivery and reimagine policies and processes that have failed to equitably support vulnerable community members.

We deepen cross-system collaboration across the spectrum of social services programs so that systems become an inter-woven ecosystem.

We create educational content, trainings, and concrete tools to help administrators and program staff increase effectiveness in service delivery while driving equity-based systems change.

We facilitate effective integration and mutually beneficial relationships between public social service systems and community-based organizations.

We promote an internal organizational culture that reflects our broader vision and centers equity, transparency, and the value of each individual contributing to our organizational work.

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