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Change Well’s Rebecca Watson Testifies Before California Senate Budget Subcommittee

Change Well Project Co-Founder and Managing Director Rebecca Watson testified on how expanding CDSS-funded programs like Home Safe and the Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP) can serve as a vital strategy for preventing and reducing rising homelessness among the state’s elderly population.

May 2023


Streamlining Services Across Imperial County

Since Change Well’s work with Imperial began, the County launched a pilot of their coordinated entry process, using their existing homeless hotline to identify and prioritize individuals and families with particularly critical housing needs.

March 2023  

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Why Shared Housing

Offers Hope in the Fight Against Homelessness

Change Well Project was thrilled to partner with Kris Freed, a nationally recognized expert in the field of homelessness and housing policy development, for a conversation on

the power of implementing shared housing strategies. 

April 2023  

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Working with Diverse

Tribal Communities

Across California, there are more than

150 diverse Indigenous nations—including

110 federally recognized tribes and more

than 40 other tribal communities—

each with their own distinct identity

and governing structures. 

February 2023  


Deepening Leadership Skills to Combat Homelessness

Hannah Brady, Housing Programs Manager for the Senior Advocacy Network in Modesto, California

reflects on how Change Well Project's Program Leaders Learning Cohort prepared her to design, implement, and lead a vital new housing program.  

April 2023  

Change Well Project 2023 Year-End-Report.png

Combatting Homelessness

in California 

Change Well Project is partnering

with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to help counties and tribal communities overcome their challenges in creating, implementing, and scaling their homelessness programming. 

February 2023  

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