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Strengthening Housing & Disability Advocacy Programs (HDAP) in California

Since January 2022, Change Well Project has been actively partnering with California counties and tribal communities to support HDAP programs in growing their  Disability Benefits Advocacy programs as part of their strategies to end homelessness.

Individuals with disabilities are the most likely population to experience homelessness, yet there are significant barriers preventing these individuals from accessing SSI/SSDI benefits as a key income source to help them achieve housing stability. Disability benefits advocacy programs are an essential tool in ending homelessness as they ensure individuals and households receive Social Security benefits they are entitled to.

Through our partnership with the California Department of Social Services Housing & Homelessness Division (CDSS HHD), Change Well Project assists California counties in leveraging the power of effective disability benefits advocacy. Our work to support HDAP programs includes direct technical assistance on benefits advocacy program design as well as benefits advocacy training and capacity-building through intensive trainings and on-one-one support.

“I really appreciated being able to connect with other disability advocates across the state- and to remember that while I may be the only HDAP case manager for our county, there’s a statewide infrastructure to inform and support our work. I’m now using the tools Change Well presented and sharing them with other disability advocates as well.


Melissa Reed, PhD, Program Coordinator, HDAP,

Transitions Mental Health Association, San Luis Obispo County

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Resources for California Counties


The HDAP Benefits Helpline is a service for HDAP programs and grantees. Staff at HDAP programs can submit specific questions about Social Security benefits (SSDI, SSI, etc.) or CAPI benefits. Their questions are answered by attorneys at Change Well Project with public benefits expertise.

Ask-an-Attorney Sessions for HDAP Benefits Advocates: Change Well Project provides a monthly opportunity for HDAP Benefits Advocates to drop in and ask questions about Social Security rules, CAPI rules, or other HDAP-specific case questions.

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HDAP Benefits Advocacy Training: Change Well Project leads an intensive four-session cohort training on Disability Benefits Advocacy to give staff the skills to advocate for adults with disabilities in the Social Security system. Cohort training is held approximately every two months. Keep updated on the next session by subscribing for Change Well Project updates.

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