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Transforming social service systems, supporting thriving communities. 

At the Change Well Project, we partner with communities to build equitable, interconnected social service ecosystems that provide holistic support to vulnerable individuals and families.


Combatting Homelessness

in California 

Change Well Project is partnering

with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to help counties and tribal communities overcome their challenges in creating, implementing, and scaling their homelessness programming. 

Housing Services

Working with Diverse

Tribal Communities

As California continues to grapple with the homelessness crisis, tribal nations face unique challenges in developing and implementing housing programs that meet their community needs. To support their efforts, over the last year the Change Well Project has worked to provide intensive technical assistance to over 20 tribal communities. 


Streamlining Housing Services Across Imperial County

Streamlining Services

Across Imperial County

Since Change Well’s work with Imperial began, the County launched a pilot of their coordinated entry process, using their existing homeless hotline to identify and prioritize individuals and families with particularly critical housing needs.

With an average of 20+ years of experience,

each member of the Change Well Project team is committed to designing

integrated, seamless social service delivery

systems that allow all community

members to achieve independence

and well-being. Meet the team!

Managing Director Elena Fiallo
Managing Director Rebecca Watson

Long-term partnerships with government agencies, tribal communities, and

community service providers.  

Pillars of our Work




We invite organizations and other entities

who align with our mission to join

us as partners. CWP Partners advance

our mission and purpose to 

empower communities to be better

equipped and proactive.

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