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Amber Roth-Garcia

Senior Consultant

For the past 23 years, Amber Roth-Garcia, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has dedicated her career to serving underserved communities, promoting wellness in the workplace, and advancing social justice. Throughout this extensive period, Amber has spearheaded crucial initiatives and designed programs that catalyze systemic change, significantly impacting access to housing, healthcare, and employment for underserved individuals and families. With over 18 years of leadership experience in non-profit management, she has effectively led teams in the development and implementation of innovative services, workforce training programs in the housing and homeless services, behavioral health and workforce sectors.

Before joining Change Well, Amber held the position of Executive Director at the Worker Education & Resource Center and served as Chief Operations & Program Director for Homeless Health Care Los Angeles. Her roles also included Housing Program Director, Supervisor, and Mental Health Worker with Pacific Clinics. Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in clinical interventions, program development, organizational assessment, cultural transformation, change management, strategic planning, capacity building, and leadership development to her current role.

Amber has consistently harbored a profound desire to advocate for and serve individuals whose voices are often unheard, aiming to promote social justice for underserved populations. Her unwavering commitment lies in the development of service delivery systems and the cultivation of a dedicated workforce focused on nurturing healthy communities, instilling hope, and forging connections that improve and save lives.

Previous Experience

Executive Director, Worker Education & Resource Center
Chief Operating & Program Director, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles
Program Director, Pacific Clinics
Housing Supervisor, Pacific Clinics
Housing Coordinator and Mental Health Worker, Pacific Clinics
Forensic Counselor, Foothill Mental Health & Rehabilitation Center

Expertise and Skills

Non-Profit Operations, Non-Profit Management, Strategy and Forecasting, Stakeholder Relations, Consensus Building, Change Management, Cultural Transformation, Team Building, Coaching, Leadership Development, Systems Design, Systems Improvement, Program Development, Program Implementation, Workforce training, Workforce Development, Clinical Consultation, Clinical Interventions

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Amber Roth-Garcia
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