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Skid Row Action Plan 


On August 31 and September 1, 2023, Change Well Project hosted the second of four community design sessions to support the development of an implementation strategy for the Skid Row Action Plan (SRAP)—which seeks to increase safety, empowerment, and wellbeing for Skid Row community members through permanent and interim housing and critical supportive services.  

Following a kickoff meeting in June that brought together over 65 diverse stakeholders—including service providers, county and city staff, and residents—this second gathering allowed participants to take a deeper dive into creating the design for priority components of SRAP. Over the course of both days, specific workgroups engaged in ideation and design mapping exercises to begin to develop concrete workplans and client paths around the following SRAP recommendations:  


Permanent Housing

Interim Housing 

Additional Community Recommendations


Harm Reduction Health HUB

24/7 Low Barrier Health Center

Safe Services

Each group focused on mapping and designing key components

for each of the recommendations—and how these will be

delivered to and experienced by Skid Row residents.  In the

coming months, workgroups will continue to design

the recommendations and key components as well as

identify resources needed to implement their designs and build support and commitment among community partners.  


The next community design session will take place on October 19th and 20th.

If you’d like to share feedback on the Skid Row, please feel free to email us at or click here and submit a feedback form. 

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