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Elena Fiallo

Managing Director

The daughter of immigrants from El Salvador and Cuba, Elena Fiallo brings more than two decades of experience advocating for equity-based support for underserved and marginalized communities. Through her extensive work combatting the homelessness crisis, Elena developed a passion for driving systems change that strengthens the way services are delivered to those in need. She specializes in increasing access to health care and housing for homeless individuals and families through community collaboration, capacity building and technical assistance.​ Specifically, during her time with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, she led the implementation of a countywide benefits advocacy program for homeless, disabled individuals, and has developed numerous training programs for homeless service providers to support their critical work. Her experience as a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner informs her perspective on social services in recognizing interdependencies within complex systems and how alignment and connection leads to optimal health.  


Previous Experience

Population Change Institute, Principal Consultant  
Co-directed and supported the strategic road-mapping and design thinking processes for local government departments and community-based organizations.

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services 
Director, Countywide Benefits Entitlements Services Team 
Directed planning and program development for systemwide homeless initiatives to increase income through SSI, SSDI, CAPI, and Veteran's benefits

United Homeless Health Care Partners 
Co-developed the UHHP’s Case Management Institute infrastructure and curriculum, recognized by Los Angeles County as the standard educational curriculum utilized in the homeless services sector.     

Expertise and Skills

Strategic planning, infrastructure and operations development, budgeting and resource allocation, grant and contract management, data analysis, program management, continuous quality improvement, curriculum development, training, and facilitation. 

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