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California Department of Social Services Grantees

Change Well Project provides comprehensive technical assistance, training and workforce to support California counties and tribal communities in scaling existing programs, developing a prepared, effective workforce, and advancing systems integration efforts to strengthen the rehousing systems homelessness programming across the state.   

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Guiding Principles
for our Technical Assistance
Support Plan

  • We would like to move from talking about programs silos to talking about the county or community service delivery systems that leverage CDSS funded programs and more 

  • Practical solutions, tools, and resources that can be scaled to fit your community context 

  • Thoughtful weaving of equity throughout your systems, programs and operations, including the intentional integration of the voice of the communities that you serve 

  • Support is geared appropriately both at a high program planning level, down to the nitty-gritty daily work 

Two main ways that we are planning
to support your work. 



Change Well Project will create a space for CDSS administrators, grantees, and key strategic partners to share promising practices, access tools and resources, and engage in cohort learning.   

  • Address the key competencies needed across multiple disciplines for public and private organizations to fully operationalize CDSS programs. 

  • Train a new workforce, including people with lived experience related to homelessness, and match them to employers 

  • Ensure that California counties and tribal communities have a prepared workforce ready to meet the needs of residents experiencing homelessness. 


Designed for CDSS funded program managers and analysts that are responsible for designing and/or administering HDAP, BFH, CalWorks HSP, PRK, and Home Safe programs. Will review the fundamentals and core concepts of each CDSS funded program and effective practices. Deepening understanding of the homeless systems of care, the larger system dynamics, and the latest innovations. This is self-paced cohort learning on our Learning Management System coupled with monthly office hours. The first cohort will launch mid-March with registration beginning mid-February. Please subscribe to receive updates. 


Designed for CDSS funded direct service providers that are responsible for providing services to individuals and families served by CDSS programs. This is available for the county staff and/or contracted staff of new and existing grantees (Counties and Tribal Communities) for CalWorks HSP (HSP), Home Safe, Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP), Bringing Families Home (BFH) and Project Room Key (PRK). The benefits advocate cohort will be the first to launch and we anticipate that to be in early March, with registration in mid-February Click here here for upcoming events. 


Designed for CDSS funded program administrators that are responsible for developing systems within your county or community agency, department, and/or organization. This is for new and existing grantees (Counties and Tribal Communities) of CalWorks HSP (HSP), HomeSafe, Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP), Bringing Families Home (BFH) and Project Room Key (PRK). Click here for upcoming events.



This is another part of the technical assistance plan that counties and tribal communities can take advantage of immediately. These are just some of the examples of how we can help: 

Plan & Strategize 

  • Design a comprehensive service delivery system to implement CDSS programs and maximize your funding within your county or tribal community 

  • Create a flexible housing subsidy pool 

  • Adopt & implement racial equity frameworks across your programs and systems 

  • Use data & measurement for program improvements 

  • Braid and leverage funding across programs 

  • Developing scalable financial models  


  • Support implementation of service delivery design 

  • Design or refine programs, from developing program policies & procedures, documents & tools, and outreach materials 

  • Develop sustainable staffing models 

  • Develop rehousing plans  

  • Leverage innovations in housing and service delivery models  

To get started, please submit this form and we will reach out to you within 72 hours to get a meeting scheduled.  

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CDSS Launches Technical Assistance

Click image below to see presentation from webinar. 

Scaling CDSS Funded Programs  to Combat Homelessness - Change Well Project Slide Deck
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